Hello Future Doctors,

The COMAT exams which stand for Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Achievement Tests are your hurdles on the way to completing medical school. They are a series of 8 exams covering: Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Osteopathic Principles and Practice, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Surgery. Each exam has 125 questions and must be completed in 2 hrs and 30 min.


You have the knowledge and opportunity to stand on the shoulders of those who came before you. COMTEST COMAT SHELF EXAMS are made by EXPERT Osteopathic Physicians who went through the same struggles as you. There are no comprehensive review books that go over basic medicine AND Osteopathic principles. COMTEST COMAT SHELF EXAMS were designed to fill this gap and are authored and edited ONLY by Osteopathic Physicians. 


The NBME Subject Exams and the NBOME COMAT SUBJECT EXAMS are very different.  It would be a big mistake to review for both with the same material. With COMTEST you will get a COMTAT style shelf exam that focuses on giving you an accurate representation of the NBOME style.  We know what topics are likely to show up on test-day and have structured our questions to focus on what’s high-yield.


Each COMTEST COMAT SUBJECT EXAM has 125 high-yield questions just like the real shelf exams. You will get a three-digit and two-digit score score that will predict how you will perform on the actual exam.


But one finally warning, COMTEST is not for everyone, if you want to waste time studying and being inefficient there's many other educational sources out there. Great doctors prepare with COMTEST, let us help you! Your test is coming soon, let's work together and the test makers won't stand a chance!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to spend with us. It means a lot to us.



We're so confident COMTEST will help you annihilate the COMLEX that we are backing it up with a 100% PASS guarantee. If you do not achieve a passing score on the COMLEX, we will grant you a FREE subscription MATCHING the original period of time you purchased. We have your back! You have no risk! WE'LL GIVE YOU A PASSING SCORE!

The USMLE and the COMLEX have a markedly different presentation. Using one question bank to study for both will leave you unprepared for the other. With COMTEST you will get a question bank that focuses on giving you an accurate representation of the COMLEX, including all important Osteopathic Principals. We know what topics are likely to show up on test-day and have structured our questions to focus on what’s high-yield.

Our special Radar Review tool lets you focus your studying time on the topics that you are having trouble with. Allowing you to cut the fluff and study only what's high-yield for YOU! Couple this with our graphical analysis, and you will be tracking down and zoning in on your weaknesses to obliterate the COMLEX! Our bank is the only bank that includes radar review, giving you speedy access to the information you need, allowing you to stay focused and in the zone. Our goal is to make your studying more efficient!

Our questions are reviewed by Osteopathic Physicians and faculty to help ensure a high quality COMLEX preparation experience.


COMTEST looks and feels just like the real thing! I was so comfortable and prepared on test day!

Suzette Johnson-Futrell DO, Baltimore Maryland

awesome qbank! great customer service!

Maria Borrelli DO, Boston Massachusetts

They have information that is so similar and high yield to Comlex type questions. Felt like another COMSAE question set. Thank you so much! Your pearls are awesome.

Maulik Shah OMS-III, Stratford New Jersey

This small, relatively unknown prep company writes better questions than many of the bigger fish! I use the questions to go over material covered 3-6 months ago to keep the information fresh in my head and pick out weak areas. The questions require very specific knowledge making them more difficult than FIRST AID or Kaplan and are well written with easy to understand explanations and buzzwords. Keep up the good work COMTESTMED

Anthony Cecchini OMS-I, Tellico Plains Tennessee

I found this q bank the best resource for Level 3. in particular the summaries for conditions were very useful especially for the clinical decision making review. The explanations are well detailed. I do like the osteopathic focus.

Leigh Anne Costanzo DO, Tucson Arizona

Questions very similar in style and complexity to the real COMLEX Level 3. I'm only a few sets in but have never been this impressed with a question bank before!

Andrew Lister DO, Sterling Heights Michigan